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No Kiss Blog Fest

on January 2, 2015

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It’s the No Kiss Blog Fest! Authors, readers and bloggers are posting No Kiss scenes from their works-in-progress, published books, or even movie clips on blogs everywhere today. You can find the whole listing of bloggers participating here.

So without further ado…this “no kiss” scene comes from my sweet contemporary short romance, NEW YEAR HEART SONG. In the excerpt, the heroine, Angie, is helping the hero’s son, Jesse, practice his piano playing for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party.  But when she shows him how to play the correct notes, she slips into the song which used to belong to the hero, Caleb, and herself years ago. Stirring up old memories, the two long to kiss each other, but…..are interrupted….


New YEar Heart Song
The disconnected notes rang in her ears. “Mmmm….” Caitlin was right. Jesse didn’t play the right notes. “Let me see if I can show you.”
Angie sat down at the piano and quickly played the correct notes.
“That’s what I played,” Jesse insisted.
“Why don’t you let me play the song for a few minutes?” Angie suggested.
A dark shadow crossed Jesse’s face. He placed his hands over his chest and balled his fists. “I quit.”
“No,” Angie said quickly. “I didn’t mean it like that. When I get confused or frustrated, it helps to listen to someone else play. It’s like inspiration for me.”
Jesse’s lower lip trembled.
“Listen.” She ran her fingers over the notes in a couple quick scales and slipped into the song she performed every summer. The notes rushed back to her and she allowed herself to get lost in the music, Caleb and the cool summer evenings.
When she finished, clapping filled the ballroom. Across the room, Caleb stood in the doorway and stared at her with a hunger in his eyes that took her breath away.
“Your cheeks are red,” Caitlin said.
“Playing the piano is hard work.” Angie mumbled. She couldn’t break her gaze with Caleb. His eyes mirrored her emotions.
“Can I have some hot chocolate?” Jesse asked, and touched her sleeve. “I think hot chocolate will make me play better.”
“Of course.” Angie cleared her throat. She shifted on the piano bench and broke her gaze with Caleb.
Caitlin and Jesse flew from the room, as though all arguments were forgotten. Slowly, Angie wound her way to the entryway and Caleb. When she reached the doorway, she looked up into Caleb’s eyes. He placed a hand on her shoulder, his eyes searched her face. “I have never forgotten that song. Will you play it tonight?” His fingers crept into her hair and softly, he stroked the back of her neck.
“I don’t know,” Angie whispered. She couldn’t find her voice. “I’m not sure it’s in my set tonight.”
Caleb’s fingers played their own song on her neck. “I’d like to hear it again,” he said softly. He twirled a piece of her hair in his fingers.
Angie’s heart melted. She knew it was wrong. She couldn’t promise Caleb anything—but she wanted him. She wanted him to kiss her, to hold her in his arms and never let go.
“Dad!” Jesse hollered from the hallway. “Mrs. Matthews is looking for you and Angie.”
“I guess we should go.” Caleb’s eyes darkened as he gazed at her.
“Yes,” Angie said weakly. “We should go.”

NEW YEAR HEART SONG is one of the Elmheart Hotel stories. You can find NEW YEAR HEART SONG here

All of the Elmheart Hotel sweet contemporary short romances can be found here.


9 responses to “No Kiss Blog Fest

  1. livrancourt says:

    I love “Caleb’s fingers played their own song on her neck.” Nice work, Mindy!

  2. Amanda says:

    “Playing the piano is hard work.” I love it!

  3. “I think hot chocolate will make me play better.”
    HA. What a smart cookie.

    Nice use of music in this scene!

  4. Music is always romantic – a great excerpt 🙂

  5. Jami Gray says:

    Leave it to a munchkin to help break a mood =0) Great scene, Mindy!

  6. Athena Marie says:

    This is so romantic!! Nice work!

  7. Ah kids … those little mood-breakers sure do pick their timing. 🙂
    This is a sweet scene, though.

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