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Musa Publishing Closing

on February 20, 2015

I received the news this morning that Musa Publishing is closing on February 28, 2015. All my rights to STAINED GLASS SUMMER will revert back to me.

I have loved being an author at Musa Publishing for the last three years. In January, STAINED GLASS SUMMER’s contract was up for renewal and we negotiated so there would be a print version to come soon.


But the good news is, in this day and age of publishing, when a publisher closes it’s doors, it does not mean the book has to die too. Sooo……..later this spring, I will be bringing STAINED GLASS SUMMER out in print and ebook through my own imprint which is how my print version of WEAVING MAGIC has always been done.

WEAVING MAGIC ebook contract also expires in April, so that will not completely come back to me…and viola….all of the books will be under my imprint–which also means I have more control over price, sales and where and how to get the books distributed. When WEAVING MAGIC print came out, I packed up fifteen books and sent them off to treatment and recovery high schools across the country. I am looking forward to targeting a specific audience with STAINED GLASS SUMMER and going into our gorgeous San Juan Islands this summer for book events. I will also be mailing copies of the book to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island and asking if I can visit the kids at camp for an author visit.

To bring out STAINED GLASS SUMMER under my own imprint I will be enlisting the help of the former marketing director at BooksToGoNow who did a kick-ass job with my romance books, and now has her own company…Self Publishing Services, LLC.

The new print book and ebook of STAINED GLASS SUMMER will also have my short story, ELF SHOES included in it since that will also come back to me.

However, there may be a period of three to four weeks when STAINED GLASS SUMMER is not listed  for sale on any of the outlets as I adjusting things to link up, so if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy published by Musa Publishing, you have until February 28 to pick up your ebook copy. All the links are here at my website and will work through February 28.

The one constant in life is change and it’s never up to us when or how those changes occur but what we do have control over is what we do with those changes and those choices help create the path we call our lives. The publishing industry has been in a state of enormous flux for years and it continues to evolve and change. As an author, my role is to write the best book possible, but it’s also to understand that things do change constantly and I must ride those shifts on the top of the wave and not underneath in an undertow. And this is where my membership in RWA (Romance Writers of America) and especially the Seattle RWA has been extremely valuable in teaching me how to ride with the changes and showing me the next step.

Good-bye Musa Publishing. Thank you for fulfilling the dream of publishing my first book and giving the story a good run!





5 responses to “Musa Publishing Closing

  1. Susan Lampe says:

    Keep on keeping on, Mindy! Go!

  2. K.L. Pickett says:

    I was sorry to hear about Musa Publishing closing, but I’m happy to hear about your plans for the future.

  3. The publishing world keeps shrinking. As an author looking to publish my first book, that scares me. Actually, the world of self-publishing scares me, but I may have to dip my toe in.

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