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Weaving Magic Cover

on April 12, 2015

WEAVING MAGIC is getting a new cover this month. The three-year contract with MuseItUp is over and all the rights have reverted back to me, so like STAINED GLASS SUMMER, Eagle Bay Press will be reissuing the book in both an ebook and print version.

I hired Director Tamara Thompson at Serious Take Productions to design the cover for WEAVING MAGIC. Tamara was my very first student when I did student-teaching years ago. We have stayed in contact and I’m thrilled to have her company design the new cover.

One of my struggles with WEAVING MAGIC has been the marketing and the cover. The original cover painted a tone of being a dark and sinister book, almost paranormal in feel, and targeted an audience that was too old. The cover also used stock image of a girl who showed up on multiple other YA book covers that spring–something the bloggers didn’t fail to mention.

Weaving Magic 200x300

The second cover which I used for WEAVING MAGIC print was targeted so boys might pick up the book. The problem with this is that the book really is targeted to girls, ages 13-15. It is a PG 13 story about falling in love.


Weaving Magic - Front cover 72 dpi

So for this version, I focused on targeting the correct audience in both feel and images. I’m not quite ready to reveal the cover yet…but later this week…


In the meantime, here are some of the photos Tamara at Serious Take Productions shot in the tulip fields of Skagit Valley as well as photos of two models who posed on a bench which will be used on the cover–the water will be photoshopped out, and the bench will appear as if it’s in the tulip fields. There is also a photo of Tamara and I having a great time at the tulip fields!




Tulips April 2015

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