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New Poems on the Teen Poems Behind Bars Blog

on July 14, 2015

The release forms for the teen’s poems in juvenile detention have been steadily rolling in. These poems are from the workshop I did in June. I  always love to see the release forms come back because unless we get these from parents and guardians, we are not allowed to publish their poems on the blog or elsewhere.

Please stop by and read our two newest poems:

One Last Chance

Fake Faces

4 responses to “New Poems on the Teen Poems Behind Bars Blog

  1. Great stuff, Mindy. Thanks for sharing. And kudos on doing this good and necessary work. I wonder if you would be willing to share how you go about funding this programme as I have a friend who runs a prison writing programme here (Antigua) with next to no funding…and I run youth writing programmes as well and funding is a challenge. Always interested to learn from those who’ve figured it out. I enjoyed reading the poems, believe strongly in young people finding their voice through the arts (or whatever medium, really, but because I’m a writer obviously I lean toward the arts).

    • The funding is hit or miss. The detention center has a fund established by a former security guard that funds some of the workshops and used to fund the publication of the books. Sometimes we are able to obtain community grants through the school program. Sometimes I do it as volunteer work.

  2. […] made in the water. We’ve never met but she’s been on my radar ever since. Recently, I read on her blog about this project she’s involved with, the Denney Juvenile Justice Center …. I have a friend, Brenda Lee, who runs a similar project at 1735 (Antigua’s prison) without […]

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