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Recommended Books for Indie Authors

on September 11, 2015

I just got back from a ten-day vacation to Maui. A friend and I had the opportunity to condo and cat sit and we took the offer! The trip was amazing and gave me a chance to explore a new place and try new things–Snorkeling was great fun! The road to Hana made me a “little” car sick…but the waterfalls and scenery along the way was amazing! Traveling and seeing new places always expands my vision and makes me see how things can be a little different in my writing career.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is bringing one of my romance series out through my imprint, Eagle Bay Publishing. The series is a sweet, contemporary romance and one of the obstacles I’m finding in traditional sweet markets is the first book in the series deals with gambling. The heroine’s father has a gambling addiction and the hero is bringing gambling riverboats to the town. Gambling pushes the boundaries of a traditional sweet market where the book might be sold in Christian bookstores.But the premise is too big and links throughout the story for me to change it to something else. I’m also not comfortable with “sexing” up the book so it will sell in markets other than sweet or low heat.

This past spring, my imprint, Eagle Bay published both WEAVING MAGIC and STAINED GLASS SUMMER whose contracts had both expired and all the rights returned to me. The purpose to Indie publishing both of these stories was to keep them available for readers as my other books move to publication. The old term of “Shelf Life” takes on a new meaning with today’s book buyer who presses a buy button on Amazon where books have eternal shelf life and are not removed every few months for new books.

Children’s books have not caught up with the Indie publishing markets such as romance and the other adult markets. Part of this is simply how the children’s books are bought. Children’s books are still bought primarily by librarians and school markets and while they may buy some Indie titles, the majority are bought from reviews in School and Library Journal–something which is still hard for Indie and small epubs to get into. This is not true for YA books–YA books are riding the wave of Indie publishing and selling to adults who read YA. The majority of YA readers are not teens themselves–they are adults!

I am currently submitting two children’s books–a middle grade and a chapter book series, both of which I will continue to submit to traditional paths for at least the next six-months.

But about that romance………one of the things which makes romance novels so lucrative as Indie published are the series potential. Readers loves to read books in a series and with ebooks, it’s very easy to link the next book in the series in the back of the previous one–ensuring readers find that next book!

I enjoy writing books which link to each other through settings and characters–and this seems to be how I get my romance ideas. I don’t just get one book–I get ideas for trilogies and more. All of which makes my romance books very good candidates for Indie publishing.  The trick is only…how fast can I write a quality book and take it through the process of developmental editing, copy editing and getting cover art and formatted.

There were two books which have been recommended to me about today’s Indie publishing both by Susan Kaye Quinn.

Indie Author Survival Guide

For Love or Money: Building a Self-Publishing Career

Indie publishing doesn’t look anything like the old self-published books of the past. Today’s Indie authors are savvy business people who create their own imprint, buy their own ISBN numbers, higher developmental editors, copy editors, cover artists and formatters. And Indie authors develop a strong business plan (something I will post about soon!). A well done Indie book looks no different than a book published by a traditional New York Publisher and hits the best seller lists just as often. (With the exception of children’s books (picture book/middle grade).

I downloaded both books and read them on the five-hour flight to Maui.  I would highly recommend both books if you are considering indie publishing for any of your titles.


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