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Writing a Summer Story When It’s December

on December 11, 2015

I’m currently drafting the second book in the Cranberry Bay series. Sweetheart Summer is Katie and Sawyer’s story and takes place…yes…in the summer around the July 4th holiday.

As I write, I’m surrounded by lighted Christmas trees, festive holiday lights on houses, the smell of evergreen from candles and trees, and freshly baked holiday cookies. I’m attending Christmas concerts, shopping for gifts and sewing holiday projects.

And yet, here I am writing a summer story!

This is often the case when working on seasonal stories–due to editorial and release deadlines, I am writing the stories in the opposite season I am currently living.

So I have learned a couple tricks to help keep me in the season of my story–and not let those festive cut-out cookies sneak their way into my summer story!

  1. Brainstorm Seasonal Sensory List: When I begin the first draft of my new story, I also open a new document and brainstorm seasonal elements that go with the five seasons for the story. I also include a list of festivals and events which would take place in that season. For example my current summer brainstorm sheet has things such as July 4th picnics, watermelon, BBQ, warm days, farmer’s markets.
  2. Pinterest: I love Pinterest and have created a board for both Sweetheart Cottage (Cranberry Bay #1) and Sweetheart Summer. When I start to feel too much holiday and winter season, I hop onto Pinterest, do a search for summer or July 4th and start pinning the recipe, craft and decorating ideas.
  3. Read books set in the summer. This one is the hardest for me. I love reading holiday romances. But I realized that wasn’t helping me stay in the summer season when I sat down to write. So, I pulled up my summer romances on my Kindle such as Tara Randal’s Harlequin Heartwarming series, The Business of Weddings including: Honeysuckle Bride, Magnolia Bride, and Orange Blossom Brides  and started reading. This helps ground me into the summer more than reading about kisses under mistletoe.
  4. Watch movies set in the summer--Same as the reading. Seeing movies with scenes of swimming in rivers and festive picnics on beaches helps with the details of my summer scenes more than a dark, rainy night in December.


Do you have any ideas for writing in a season opposite the one you are experiencing?



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