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Editing Resources for Writers

on January 21, 2016

I have been teaching a great group of writers in a Writing the Picture Book Class at the Schack Center in Everett. The following are editing links and resources which we talked about in class and I promised to post.

We talked in class about hiring an editor to look over your work before either sending it out on submission or for self-publishing. I am a big fan of developmental editors and have used Sarah Cloots for both of my upper middle grade books, Stained Glass Summer and Seymour’s Secret (currently out on submission).

My developmental editor for my YA and sweet contemporary romances is Bev Katz Rosenbaum.

A developmental edit is one in which the manuscript is critiqued for the craft of the story including the structure, pacing, character development and arc, plot and setting. It is not focused on line edits or grammatical errors–that all comes in the next round with a copy editor–who most of the time is not the same person as the developmental editor.

I also offer development critiques on picture book manuscripts, middle grade novels, children’s short stories, contemporary romance novellas as well as some memoir.  If you are interested in hiring me to work with you on a developmental edit, please contact me via my contact form on my website here

If you are looking for either a developmental editor or a copy editor, a great resource to know about is the Northwest Independent Editor’s Guild.  You can find a list of editors for many different types of manuscripts on their website here. 

The Author-Editor clinic keeps a great list of resources for editing including the difference between a developmental edit and what to look for in an editor. You can find that resource here. 

Also if you are a writer and want to learn a bit more about how to edit your own work or those in a peer critique group, I would recommend An Editor’s Guide to Working with Authors by Barbara Sjoholm.

If you join SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) you will have access to joining critique groups with other SCBWI members as well as access to a database of authors who work with writers on developmental edits.

I always highly recommend joining the Seattle chapter and attending the monthly meetings. They were invaluable for my growth as a beginning children’s writer and I always attended the spring conference.

Finally, one of my favorite resources for writers is Writers Helping Writers. They keep a great writing tool page with handy downloads such as the Character Pyramid Tool which will help you map out your character’s flaws to a Scene Revision Critique Guideline Sheet. You can find their  resources here.

And last but not least, here is a great blog post about 50 Agents that are looking for picture book writers!

If anyone has resources they have used for editors or a fabulous editor you want to recommend, please post in the comments below! Thanks!


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  1. caroleestbydagg says:

    I just finished Sweetheart Cottage, and could identify at least one if not more couples who ought to get together, so I’m glad to see that another in the series will come out this year!

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