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New On-Line Class for Adult Writers

on February 3, 2016

I’m very excited to announce I will be teaching a new on-line class with Story Circle Network! Story Circle Network’s central program focus is writing about our lives—about women’s lives.

My on-line class is for those wanting to explore how to write fictional characters drawn from your life experience. Some of the idea for this class comes from writing my middle grade, Seymour’s Secret, which is currently on submission. The class is geared to all levels of writers and all types and length of fiction.

Heroines, Villains and Dragons: Writing Characters From Life:

Explore how to create story characters from your life. This five-week class will allow you to draw on your life to create fictional characters for any length or genre of story. We’ll play with story tools such as character archetype, point of view and constructing a scene.

Class Description

We will begin by brainstorming ideas for characters based on our life experiences including: truth and lies, love and betrayal, first and lasts and grief and loss. Next, we’ll look at how character archetypes can help us begin to move from fact to fiction by creating bigger than life characters. We’ll also explore character questionnaires and collages as means to dig deeper into our heroines. But, every story has two sides, and it’s important to explore the point of view of not only our heroine but also our villain. We’ll look at not only what makes our villain bad, but more importantly what makes them good and how this point of view helps us reshape our real life villains too. Finally, we’ll give our heroine the moment she’s been waiting for and construct a scene in which she will confront the dragon—be it addiction or a lie in her life, while learning how to create tension, craft dialogue and weave in setting to a scene.

At the end of class, students will understand how to create a character from life and write a fictional scene which empowers and gives voice to the places we struggle to confront in our lives.

Instruction/Communication Method: Email and Yahoo Group.

The class runs from March 14-April 18, 2016.

You can register and find out more details here.

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