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Breakfast at Sally’s

on March 6, 2016

The last speaker I heard at the Search for Meaning reader’s conference was Richard LeMieux, author of Breakfast at Sally’s. Richard’s book tells the journey to homelessness and back out again.

He shares the heartbreaking story of how he is ready to end his life by jumping off a bridge, but his small white dog, Willow, saves him by scratching and clawing on the window of the car where he has left her, and he returns to take care of her and begins his journey to the Salvation Army where he finds help.

Richard is the Executive Director of The Willow and Richard Project which is a non-profit whose mission is to inspire, assist, and empower people affected by homelessness in America through education and practical charitable endeavors locally, regionally and nationally. Their current project is to bring together a homeless benefit concert where talented homeless artists in various media can showcase their talents and where those who have overcome homelessness to move into mainstream society can tell their success stories.

I heard Richard tell his story at the Redmond Library a few years ago and it was just as moving the second time. He speaks often to groups and if you’d like to have him speak to your group, he can be reached at guycoe @ msn. com



Breakfast at Sally's


2 responses to “Breakfast at Sally’s

  1. Mindy– Thank you for a glowing review! It was good to be able to connect with so many at The Search for Meaning event. Thank you for your work with students at Denney, and for the wonderful ways in which you work to highlight the humanity of those you interact with. I would enjoy the chance to speak with you sometime; my phone number is featured on the website at http://www.richardsbreakfastatsallys.com . All the Best! –Richard LeMieux

  2. Mindy Hardwick says:

    Thank you Richard for your beautiful work!

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