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Sweetheart Summer

on September 6, 2016

Sweetheart Summer_MindyHardwick_800


I’m very happy to announce that my newest sweet, contemporary romance, SWEETHEART SUMMER is now available!

The book is available in ebook here 

And print here

Story Blurb: Cranberry Bay sewing shop owner and activist Katie Coos campaigns tirelessly to preserve the community feel of the town she loves. Savvy and successful developer Sawyer Shuster, meanwhile, seeks to provide a future for his beloved childhood community through large-scale developments. When Katie reluctantly purchases an auction certificate for Sawyer’s handyman skills, both are determined to keep their distance. But as summer heats up, Katie and Sawyer’s feelings ignite until both must find a way to trust each other or risk losing not only their businesses but also their chance at love.

SWEETHEART SUMMER is the second book in the Cranberry Bay romance series.

The first book is SWEETHEART COTTAGE. Amazon has set up a series page for Cranberry Bay here.

Sweetheart Cottage by Mindy Hardwick_200x308





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