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Creating Characters from Life Class

on December 7, 2016



In January, I am teaching an online class for adults (older teens are welcome to attend too) with the Loft Literary Center.

Creating Characters from Your Life is a six-week on-line class that starts January 18 and runs until March 1. You can register here.

Let’s explore how to create characters from life and give meaning to our struggles and triumphs by drawing on life experiences to create fictional characters for any length or genre of story. We’ll begin by brainstorming ideas for characters including: truth and lies, love and betrayal, and first and lasts. Next, we’ll look at how character archetypes can help us move from fact to fiction by creating bigger than life characters.

Every story has two sides, and it’s important to explore the point of view of our villain too. We’ll look at not only what makes our villain bad, but more importantly what makes them good. No great story is complete without the wise mentor or wizard and We’ll examine how to show and not preach those wise moments to our hero.

Finally, we’ll give our hero the moment they have been waiting for and construct a scene in which they will confront the dragon while learning how to create tension and craft dialogue that makes the scene sizzle. At the end of class, students will understand how to create a character from life and write a fictional scene which empowers both the reader and writer.




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