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Children’s Summer On-Line Writing Class

on May 17, 2018

If you have ever thought one of your childhood memories would make a great children’s story, join me this summer and learn how to turn that tale into a story for children.

How can we use our stories of growing up and turn them into stories for children? In this class, we’ll explore how to craft compelling plots that stretch beyond the truth, how to show not tell our daring adventures and how to create strong characters who leap off the page and demonstrate bravery and strength. There will be opportunity for constructive and supportive feedback.

The class runs from June 6 to July 18 and is on-line with The Loft Literary Center. Register here.


Also, if you are an educator and want to add to your summer reading list, there are two great blogs I follow which give me a depth of great new titles to explore.

Nerdy Book Club Blog

And there was a great post a few weeks ago which showcased picture books to use with older students here.


A Kids Book A Day Blog


Also, if you are an educator looking for continuing education credits, I teach some children’s writing classes and children’s literature classes with Seattle Pacific University. All are distance learning and you have a year to complete.

Some of my classes include:

Writing the Children’s Picture Book

Writing the Children’s Short Story

Writing with Boys

Excellence in Children’s Literature (Which is a study of some of the lesser known book awards for kids)

You can find out more about my educator classes with Seattle Pacific SPIRAL here. 

(Once you click on the link above and it takes you to Seattle Pacific University’s website, look under Curriculum and Instruction to find my classes)



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