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Dog Twitter

on March 5, 2020

Last weekend, I got to participate in the Cannon Beach Library Writer’s Celebration and read my story, “Fall on the Coast: A Dog’s View.” This is an excerpt from a current book I am working on told from the point of view of my dog, Stormy.

I have known for a long time I was going to write a book about Stormy but the first draft I wrote, which was a memoir about our experience working to be a reading dog therapy team, didn’t quite come out right.

Then, I landed on dog twitter. This is when dogs tweet their thoughts. I think one of the original accounts was Thoughts of Dog.

My own Twitter is filled with a lot of political commentary and I get tired of it. I also haven’t found Twitter that useful of a tool for building an author platform. But I thought dog twitter might be fun. So, I set up an account for Stormy and started posting for him. Pretty soon he started to develop a little fan base of other dogs.

After a few weeks, I noticed Stormy’s account gets more likes and retweets then my own and in the dog twitter land there are no political or world view posts. And I noticed Stormy was getting a voice. I took this voice and wrote another draft of that book about Stormy and it came out much better then when I was telling it in a memoir!

If you want to see what Stormy has been up to hop over to his Twitter account here.

4 responses to “Dog Twitter

  1. pameladgreenwood says:

    Ooh, Mindy! Love the idea. This might nudge me into a twitter account!

  2. Susan Lampe, author "Parsing the Dragon: A Memoir" says:

    Thanks for sharing this info about Dog Twitter! Look forward to hearing more from Stormy!

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