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on March 23, 2020

How is everyone doing? It was slowly building but Oregon officially went to shelter in place today. Although they don’t call it that due to the other meanings those terms have been used for in times of emergencies. In Oregon, it’s a Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order.

My day job moved to at home last week. I teach in a hybrid online high school which is still in school. The part that I do on campus closed but the bulk of the teaching was already on line. This week is finally our spring break. It has been a long haul. I started this job seven weeks ago and the learning curve has been steep! I had planned to be at my cottage in Cannon Beach for the spring break week but due to my school going fully online and not needing to be on campus two days a week, I ended up coming out early and settled in. It’s easier to shelter in place when I have a backyard for my dog and spring is about to go full season and I can be in the yard.

One of the skills we teach our online high school students is how to block your time. It’s a good lesson and one I had to learn early in my work-from home days many years ago. Blocking your time gives structure to your day and a sense of purpose.

Some of my daily schedule doesn’t change from what I have been doing when I teach online, but some of the middle part of the day did with this week’s “artist in residence”.

So what does my schedule look like?

6:30-8:00: Greet the Day Make coffee, let the dog out, do small chores–empty dishwasher, etc. Read daily meditation books, journal a bit, check the news. (I hate to do this in that time period, but right now everything changes so fast I feel like it has to become a part of the morning check-in). This period has always been my morning routine and I put into place when I first began working from home and didn’t have to commute anymore. I don’t think well in the early morning hours and it’s not a productive time for me to work. I have held to it in my teaching online job too.

8:00-10:00: Art and Creativity Time. I signed up to participate in the Sketchbook Revival which is a fun free week long class in art and creativity. Today’s lesson was taught by mixed media artist, Carla Sonheim who I have known since 2011 and took some early classes with her at Journalfest at Fort Worden in Port Townsend. Today her lesson was box journal and blob drawings. Carla has lots of fun online classes which don’t take a lot of art supplies and can be done in short amounts of time. You can see her online classes here.

10:00-10:30: Break. Eat breakfast. I can’t eat much before this time, so at 10:00 I break and make a hot cereal, do a few more chores around the house (laundry, etc) and do a little stretching.

10:30-1:30. Writing. This week I am working on revising World is a Sniff. Luckily this morning in my email were two great FREE classes offered by Fiction University, Janice Hardy. One is on writing the novel and the other is on revision. I highly recommend these classes for either stage.

I am working through the revision class and today’s lesson was about identifying which plot structure my novel uses and identifying key points. I place this activity in this time slot because this is my most productive time of the day and revising needs a lot of my brain power.

1:30-2:30: Make lunch. Since I’m at home, I’m cooking lunch. Today was a Blue Apron meal and I made a cocoa cake which is a recipe from my Mom. It made the whole house smell great and it fuels that creativity piece for me.

2:30-3:00: Miscellaneous–email, blogging, setting up for tomorrow

3:00-4:00: Walk the dog. Cannon Beach removed all visitors for the next two weeks so we have a very quiet town to walk right now!

Evening Time: Varies: Reading, Zoom Yoga with my regular yoga studios who are doing Zoom Yoga, phone calls, tutoring an online student a couple times a week who has a different spring break, another walk.

Working from home can be challenging at first, but I have enjoyed the perks for many years now! Let us know how you are working and any tips!

2 responses to “Artist In Residence

  1. annteplick says:

    Hey! I love Carla Sonheim and am doing Sketchbook Revival, too! Love those animal blobs!!

    On Mon, Mar 23, 2020, 4:09 PM Mindy Hardwick’s Blog wrote:

    > mindyhardwick posted: ” How is everyone doing? It was slowly building but > Oregon officially went to shelter in place today. Although they don’t call > it that due to the other meanings those terms have been used for in times > of emergencies. In Oregon, it’s a Stay Home, Stay ” >

    • Carla’s work is the best! I have used it with kids in writing workshops for years! And I try to slip in one of her classes myself every so often! Are you on the Facebook Group for the Sketchbook Revival? I was blown away with people’s blobs. Mine doesn’t look quite that sophisticated!

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