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The Everywhere Book Fest

on May 2, 2020

The Everywhere Book Fest is taking place this weekend. On Friday, there was a full day of children’s authors speaking in thirty minute and hour long virtual panels and talks which included everything from the process of writing to specific topics such as siblings in books.

The idea for the Everywhere Book Fest came together when children’s authors with new books found their events and school workshops all canceled due to COVID-19. They put together this fabulous two day free event! Links to buy their books are listed on the specific pages for each talk. I found myself adding to my Goodreads list often!

I haven’t had a full day of children’s literature in a very long time and it was very refreshing! In one of the talks, a fifth grade class was asking questions in the chat!

The Everywhere Book Fest is recorded so you can still watch the Friday talks! There is another day on Saturday! You can see the whole schedule here.

The talks I enjoyed on Friday were: Jason Reynolds discussing his books, a panel on siblings in books, Meg Medina talking about her writing process, and a fabulous panel called Write #Herstory.

Here is the Jason Reynolds talk.

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