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Kindle Vella Available on Android

on January 12, 2022
The World is a Sniff

The World is a Sniff, a Kindle Serialized children’s story, is now available for Android. Readers can now read Kindle Vella stories on their Android Kindle Apps. I use an Android (Google Pixel) phone and the story was in my Kindle App tonight underneath all the ebooks I am currently reading in the Kindle App. Once you start reading the story, it will show up on your Kindle App.

There are 31 posted episodes of The World is a Sniff with new ones posted every Saturday. The first three episodes can be read for free. Then, readers buy tokens to unlock other episodes. Each episode is short and something that could be read while waiting in line, traveling on a bus or subway, or enjoy as a bedtime story. (There are no illustrations with this story.)

Story Blurb: Stormy. Born for greatness as an agility dog. But greatness slips out of Stormy’s paws when he flunks his first puppy agility test and is reassigned as a pet dog, Now, Stormy must learn the rules of backyard dog barking contests, how to coexist with a pesky cat, and most importantly, how not to steal other dog’s treats in weekly training classes. A humorous and joyful journey told through the eyes of a dog who is trying to teach his Human how to see the world one sniff at a time.

And don’t forget to visit Stormy at Dog Twitter here:

Stormy also has ventured into Tik Tok but we aren’t quite ready to reveal his new videos yet! His Human is still learning the ropes of how Tik Tok works!

2 responses to “Kindle Vella Available on Android

  1. annteplick says:

    Super cool, Mindy!!!

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