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Writing the Picture Book Additional Resources

On Wednesday, I am teaching a two-session class at the Schack Art Center, WRITING THE PICTURE BOOK.

This fall, I taught this class to two packed audiences at the Seattle Public Library branches.

One of the questions which we discuss is…but how many pages in a picture book story? And how does an ebook picture book story differ in page count from a traditionally print published picture book?

Darcy Pattison is one of the best resources I know for current information about picture book writing, and she answers this very question on her blog:

How Many Pages in a Picture Book? Printing Methods Determine the Answer.


She also has a great post about Indie Publishing here. Be sure to read what she says about the Amazon Program, Kindle Kids Creator–this is the picture book self-publishing program at Amazon.

If you’d like to learn more from Darcy about writing picture books, she has a great ebook about writing the picture book which you can purchase and download here.

If you are interested in writing picture books and/or other children’s stories, I’d highly encourage signing up to follow her blog.  


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Targeting Your Picture Book Submission

There are many ways to “target” the picture book market, and increase your odds of publishing a picture book. One way of targeting the market is to see if you have written a picture book which might fit into a specialized market. For example, if you have written a picture book with a Science Fiction/Fantasy theme then you might look at

Shenanigan Books

Another idea, is to consider a story which might fit into the “health and wellness” market. Janet Scully keeps a blog entitled, “Medicine and Health” in Children’s and YA Literature which gives reviews and suggestions about YA and MG books in this topic. Some possible health and wellness markets for children’s books are:

Story Pie Press is looking for health related special interests books.

Magination Press publishes psychology based books covering a broad range of topics of concern to children. These include everyday situations, such as starting school and the growing family, as well as more serious psychological, clinical, or medical problems, such as divorce, depression, anxiety, asthma, attention disorders, bullying, death, and more.

Another possible targeted market for picture books are regional markets. These are markets which specialize in stories about specific regions. For example,

Sasquatch publishes books about the West–primarily the Pacific Northwest, Northern Canada, and Alaska.

Pineapple Press publishes books about Florida.

And there are many more picture book markets which can be found in the Children’s Writer and Illustrator’s Guidebook,published each year. So, before you send your story out, ask if the story might fit best in a  specialized market.


Resources Writing the Picture Book Workshop

The following are some of the resources and handouts from the Picture Workshop at the University Library on Saturday, October 8.


Resources for the Picture Book Writer

Where the Wild Things Are Exercise

Picture Book Structure

Other Useful Resources We Discussed in Class:

Carla Sonheim’s Mixed Media Drawing Book

Carla Sonheim’s Classes-She runs the Silly Class which I talked about. This is the class where each morning, we receive a short (ten minute or less), fun and silly drawing assignment to do via our e-mail. I participated in her January class and loved it!

Writing the Picture Book for Educators--This is the class I teach through Seattle Pacific University for Educators. You’ll need to look under the category of Reading, Writing and Communications. This is a year-long distance learning class that you complete at your own pace. Educators earn five continuing education classes. A great way to work on your picture book and get feedback from me!

Thanks everyone! It was a great afternoon!

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