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How I Use Canva

My day job for over the last year has been teaching at an online high school in Portland, Oregon area. I got the job right before the pandemic and was given a fabulous mentor who trained me for about six weeks in all things online including; using our LMS, Canvas, how to teach on Zoom while asking kids to work on Google Jamboards, Docs and Slideshows at the same time as I was teaching, and how to maneuver my way through Google spreadsheets–something which has been necessary to keep all the data we use but one of my biggest challenges!

We often use various apps and programs with kids to help them work on line such as Kami to annotate documents, SlidesGo to help jazz up slide shows, and Canva.

Canva was something I heard mentioned at my Rose City RWA group when we got a mini-workshop in Book Brush. I was enthralled with Book Brush but didn’t want to commit to the full price just yet–which includes making book covers, creating box sets and videos. (There is a free version and you can do quite a lot to see if you want to buy the full version).

And then Canva popped on my radar at school. My tenth grade advisory students were working on their semester end projects and I was helping them do some time management with those projects. I knew a couple teachers were using Canva to create worksheets that could be turned into PDF’s and then annotated with Kami online but I hadn’t really needed to do that with the creative writing class or my GED students.

And then Some Stories Are Not Seen launched and I needed bookmarks, postcards, and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram graphics. So I popped onto Canva and gave myself a little tutorial.

It’s a pretty easy program to use and once I got the hang of it, I did a Zoom lesson with the tenth graders to help me solidify my learning and see if they knew of any tips or tricks. Only one student was using Canva so it was new to them but a lot of them loved the card making feature. As an educator, my school account has all the bells and whistles but the free version of Canva has all I need for my author role.

Here are some of the things I’ve made so far for my book launch: (All of these have been made with my free author account).

Instagram/Twitter Graphic:

Instagram Image. I also posted this on Twitter.
Postcard–Front and Back
Bookmark. I uploaded these to Vista Print for printing and they have a nice glossy front and back. I have been inserting one into every book I sign for the Cannon Beach Book Company who has been fabulous with promoting my book!
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