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World is a Sniff Published

on October 8, 2022

The World Is a Sniff is now available in both print and ebook! The book can be purchased at:


Barnes and Noble

Or your favorite local independent bookstore including Powells and the Cannon Beach Book Company. The World Is a Sniff is also available for library purchase through Overdrive if you recommend it to your local library. I can also sell and mail some signed copies if you contact me directly.

Story Blurb: Stormy. Born for greatness as an agility dog. But greatness slips out of Stormy’s paws when he flunks his first puppy agility test and is reassigned as a pet dog, Now Stormy must learn the rules of backyard dog barking contests, how to coexist with a pesky cat, and most importantly, how not to steal other dogs’ treats in weekly training classes. A humorous and joyful journey told through the eyes of a dog who is trying to teach his Human how to see the world one sniff at a time. The book will appeal to dog lovers of all ages, especially those in the ages 8-12 range.

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