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Writing the Picture Book Additional Resources

on January 12, 2015

On Wednesday, I am teaching a two-session class at the Schack Art Center, WRITING THE PICTURE BOOK.

This fall, I taught this class to two packed audiences at the Seattle Public Library branches.

One of the questions which we discuss is…but how many pages in a picture book story? And how does an ebook picture book story differ in page count from a traditionally print published picture book?

Darcy Pattison is one of the best resources I know for current information about picture book writing, and she answers this very question on her blog:

How Many Pages in a Picture Book? Printing Methods Determine the Answer.


She also has a great post about Indie Publishing here. Be sure to read what she says about the Amazon Program, Kindle Kids Creator–this is the picture book self-publishing program at Amazon.

If you’d like to learn more from Darcy about writing picture books, she has a great ebook about writing the picture book which you can purchase and download here.

If you are interested in writing picture books and/or other children’s stories, I’d highly encourage signing up to follow her blog.  



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